Kecha Pucha for Haiti

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I am taking advantage of an opportunity to help raise funds for Haiti. There is an amazing group of people running I have agreed to be a presenter in Detroit this Saturday!!! I am excited but also at a complete loss. Please understand- I have never been a public speaker, I hardly know what to say. The thing is, in this I am speaking for the people who do not have the voice to speak for themselves right now, and this is my calling. Of that I am sure. It was no mistake that I was there when the Earthquake happened, I have never doubted the trip- not even when we wondered if we would make it home.  Haiti is on my mind daily and it is up to me to help spread the word of how to help. It is also up to you. My dear friend Theo said this to me when I returned from Africa, and was voicing my frustration with not being able to help enough.  “Terri- Africa is a crisis, and you do what you would do in any crisis~ you do what you can”  My friends, Haiti is a crisis. Do what you can.

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